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●♛ ● CHICADDICTED SL ●♛ ● #57


▶GimmeGacha-The Imaginarium ◀ June 2019

✎ ELEMENTAL – Mer Gacha Items
–Elemental- ‘Aria’ Mermaid – Catwa Head and body Applier (Blue)
–Elemental- ‘Aria’ Mermaid – Catwa Lipsticks (Purple Set)
— Elemental – ‘Aruna’ Sea – Shell Armband Right
— Elemental – ‘Aruna’ Sea – Shell crown
— Elemental – ‘Aruna’ Sea – Shell Necklace
— ELEMENTAL – ‘Aruna’ SEA – Shell earrings
–Elemental- Arm Forearm Fins (Blue) – L R Style 1
–Elemental- Lower Leg Fins (Blue) – L R Style 2
–Elemental- UpperArm Fins (Blue) – L R Style 1

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  • Sigmablues

    I love to indulge in fantasy pictures, and this one has to be in my top 10. This is spectacular. The skin is very beautiful, very pretty color. Your outfit contrasts it so well and the pose makes me think you are just here to show yourself off while resting. The make-up works so well with it too <3 Wonderful avatar

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