July Comment Winners!

Jordan Whitt Gacha Leave a Comment

Yes we’re a teensy bit late again with the winners this round, but you try hunting up over 130 rares to hand out!!  It was hard work, but we did it, and they will be winging their way to our lucky comment winners asap!

We will be taking a break from our comment contest in September, so this month is your last chance for a while to comment to be in to win!!!

July Winners… Congrats to all!

One Rare
AedanSkye, Argyxia. Guiliana Verrazzano, Heartstring, Jayde Galaxy, Karabella Veliz. LilacBunni, NotThat, Novanee, PhoenixRising1979, Rajee Pandi, Sylvanna Roxan, Zerinaann, MooneyRamone

Two Rares
ArualBlues, BatMandy Aftermath, DarlingMonster Ember, Dee Cullen, Feydita, FitzHughTightly, Jessee Deluxe, LumenSage13, Lydia Alberti

Three Rares
Daralish, JessicaBunny132, Kitty Pashinin, Soldrottern, Togli Dagger

Four Rares

Five Rares

Seven Rares

Ten Rares
BeeQueen Smythe

Eleven Rares
Fyrebird Courier

Twenty Three Rares
Luxarnia Dagger

Twenty Five Rares