MINE MINE MINE! – Summerfest’16

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Happy Summer, Everyone!!  I’m just having a chill time; nothing to feel anxious about.  I mean, sure I might be a little preoccupied with some unexpected company.  No big deal.  They’re just a little hungry and thirsty.

Strawberry Soda – The Gacha Garden

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Ready for the month of Pink, Red, White, and so forth? I so am!  Hearts and flowers and candy?  Totally the gal that will eat that stuff up!  Okay..flowers probably don’t taste all the good unless they’re made out of sugar and preferably atop of a cake, to be honest.  Mm, cake.  A bit of a ramble there, but I’m …

Holiday Deliverance

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To all who celebrate Christmas and other Holidays this time of year, I wish you a joyous day! I hope that the end of 2015 brings you a better understanding of life and its joys into the 2016 New Year (I know it has for me). What is life without being open to learning, tolerating others’ believes/thoughts and being conscious …

Frosty Road

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Right down Frosty Road there is an iced over pond where Pink Frosty The Snow Girl is adorned in lights by all the Sugarplum elves.  These elves in particular love to dress cozy this time of year, adorned in hoodie dresses and some comfy boots as they dance and play outside as the snow descends from above.  Pink Frosty loves …

Break Away

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Have you ever sat down and looked back on your high school days; the regrets and all the ‘should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’ nonsense?  Well, recently such thoughts have been on my mind and it always ends in, “I’ll never go back.”  I remember Second Life being my solace away from high school life.  Granted we all have had our high school-esc …

Tales of Avian

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As well many of you have heard, The Arcade has opened it’s December 2015 round and the gacha fanatic that I am is super duper happy about it!  I love so many of the machines and a lot of pulls away from completing most of my sets.  For now I have a few things here and there, but was able …

Crazy Cats….

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Shiny Shabby has opened their November round with great clothing, Gacha items and decor to captivate you and give the people of the grid access to great quality from awesome Creator’s here in Second Life! LpD’s Camilla dress is a must for a fall wardrobe and Dem and I loved the quality of the texturing for the dresses. The Camilla …

My Little Hobby

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My little hobby, my little hobby, aaaaah aaaah aaaah aaaaaaaaahh –takes dramatic breath– ! Ahem, hopefully, all of those who watch My Little Pony has the intro song stuck in their head now.  Mission accomplished (maybe) !  I’m in such a Kawaii mood that I’m thinking about my senpai..adorning myself in all things cute..and simply enjoying all the new releases …

Princess Jellyfish

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A friend of mine introduced an anime to me called, Princess Jellyfish.  It’s about these otaku tenants who can’t handle being around attractive people and find their lives turned upside down when a beautiful Drag Queen tries to befriend them.  As a shy individual, beautiful outgoing people sparkle in my eyes, just like it does for the main character, Tsukimi.  …

Pretty In Pink!

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PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!!!!!  YES I AM LIVING FOR BIRDY’S LITTLE CHI GACHA SET!!!!  I always enjoy a little pink.  A lot of pink, really.  What’s best about this collection though is the cute setup for my cute wittle puppies!  Yes, I baby talk my pets.  I baby talk to other people as well; please don’t judge me.  Thank goodness I visited this …