Pulse Fundraiser Event

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Hello, my fellow mer-folk!  Just thought I’d give you some news that Meeka and I have joined the Pulse. Fundraiser Event in Second Life to help support the victims of the Pulse shooting.  At the event inworld there are wonderful designers with booths that intend to donate a portion if not all proceeds earned.

Kawaii Delinquents

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Whaaaat?  I’m much too cute to be accused of bringing booze into school!  These are filled with water!  Oh and the candy cigs are just that!  Candy!  If anything it’s our sugar levels we’re putting at risk.  So what if my friend is giving some bad girl vibe!  She is even more shy than I am, if you can believe …

Happy Days

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I’m such a fan (giggle) of Fawny’s baby kitty’s at Shiny Shabby.  They are the most adorable kitties I’ve seen and can only hope there will be more kitty pets from them that are adorned with such delicate decor.  The fishes and rope on the rare just make me all tingly and excited to be one of the many owners.  …

Creative Flood Warning

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!!!WARNING WARNING!!!  !!CODE RED!!  !!YOU ARE NOW IN A CREATIVE FLOOD ZONE!! Hide your feenecs, hide your gachas!  The flood will carry them away or you will get carried away.  I totally got carried away here, because I didn’t listen to ANY of the warnings.  “A unicorn must’ve exploded all kinds of bodily fluids in here!” is what some of …

Sweet Reverie

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Shiny Shabby is just filled with goodies this round.  Lots and lots of dream inducing creations.  First off, E-Clipse’s Oxford gacha set is super chic!  They paired well with Reverie’s Haight-Ashbury bag, which is not a gacha, but totally worth having nonetheless!  In fact, it’s probably my most favorite item of all at the event, if I had to choose.  …