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That face you make when realizing that there are new shopping event rounds that must be visited!  First thought: I got to get this tuff to look super hip!  Second thought: How much am I going to spend?  Must make a list and organize every linden appropriately!  Lastly, you’re now in that retail therapy high and it only crashes once …

Sponsor Spotlight – JIAN

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What is floofy and fluffy and overall nice to have around?  Cats and Dogs!  Especially, the ones made by JIAN.  All the pets they have done so far have been quite impressive.  Not only do they look cute, but their animations are so fluid that it’s like having a true virtual pet that is…ALIVE!  Their Silly Shibes at The Epiphany …

Sponsor Spotlight – Astralia

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Hello, peeps!  As Ariel has once said in The Little Mermaid, “I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty. I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore..  You want things of above?  I’ve got twenty! But who cares?  No big deal.  I want more!”  Gimme more is all I can say when it comes to Astralia’s creative gacha collections.  I feel like a fantasy …

Sponsor Spotlight – Pillows

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Ever feel like locking yourself away for a good read or just to chill in general?  I feel this way quite often.  Sometimes I just want that evil witch to swing my way and lock me up in a tall tower.  No need to have responsibilities; Hakuna matata, as they say!  My head would totally be in the clouds while …

Holiday Deliverance

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To all who celebrate Christmas and other Holidays this time of year, I wish you a joyous day! I hope that the end of 2015 brings you a better understanding of life and its joys into the 2016 New Year (I know it has for me). What is life without being open to learning, tolerating others’ believes/thoughts and being conscious …

Frosty Road

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Right down Frosty Road there is an iced over pond where Pink Frosty The Snow Girl is adorned in lights by all the Sugarplum elves.  These elves in particular love to dress cozy this time of year, adorned in hoodie dresses and some comfy boots as they dance and play outside as the snow descends from above.  Pink Frosty loves …

Paris Blues….

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A protective stride she makes, a furrowed face she claims, she walks the streets vulnerable and feeling unashamed. Purse in hand, her posture bold as the tassels of her shirt ripple in the wind, sounds of a Jazz band flutter to her ear. The day is intense, but she keeps on moving at any expense.

A Friday Morning….

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A Friday Morning comes and she wakes up to a warm house and clutter from the night before. Nails painted, hair braided, she looks around only to realize she is alone. Sweeping the covers from her body and turning her legs to the edge of the bed, she blows the loose hairs from her eyes appreciating the quietness and lack …