Dead Cute – Gachaween!

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G’day, fellow peeps!  I hope you’re having a great week so far.  The weekend is upon us, bringing Halloween ever so closer; I can taste the candy already!

Clown Confetti – Gachaween!

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Welcome back, my fellow Peeps!  Here I have is an ensemble, which most I assume are very well aware, of Harley-Quinn!  Sure it could very well be the most popular costume of the year, due to Harley-Quinn’s epic attire; I personally obviously love it!

Sponsor Spotlight – Ayashi

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Hello, Fellow Peeps! I’m feeling like super fabulous.  Like I am channeling my inner valley girl and like why is the grass green? Okay, so personally I feel as if I might look similar to Jillian from Family Guy with this cute hair Ayashi made for The Gacha Guardians event.  So cute and their little owl friend as the exclusive …