Pulse Fundraiser Event

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Hello, my fellow mer-folk!  Just thought I’d give you some news that Meeka and I have joined the Pulse. Fundraiser Event in Second Life to help support the victims of the Pulse shooting.  At the event inworld there are wonderful designers with booths that intend to donate a portion if not all proceeds earned.

Sacred Ruins

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Once upon a time, there were two young elves that decided to camp near one of the sacred ruins in the outskirts of their city.  They soon discovered a blue lagoon and took a seat to dip their feet.

Sponsor Spotlight – Pillows

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Ever feel like locking yourself away for a good read or just to chill in general?  I feel this way quite often.  Sometimes I just want that evil witch to swing my way and lock me up in a tall tower.  No need to have responsibilities; Hakuna matata, as they say!  My head would totally be in the clouds while …

Gotta Be Kitten Me! – OH MY GACHA!

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My precioooouusss..  Pretty kitty.  Do you want to pet the kitty?  Yes, I want to pet the kitty.  Pet. Pet. Pet.  Haha I LOVE this trendy boho desert style everyone is dishing out these days.  Luas made this cute Boho bedroom set that I’m bouncing on and quite clearly I feel like a pretty cool cat!  You can get a …

Magical Girl Alice – The Seasons Story

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If it’s your birthday, then happy birthday!  If not, then a very merry un-birthday, to you!  I’ve gone magical girl mad. The kind of mad that can only be found in Wonderland!  I’ve completely transformed into quite the flamboyant certifiable nut.  After a lengthy transformation, this girl knows that hair must be on fleek!  The hair alone is enough to …

Happy New Year!

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Greetings to everyone who is about to enjoy the New Year!  I just wanted to take a moment and say how awesome this past year has been (at least for me.)  So many brand new events debuted and I can only hope they continue into the next year, because I just looooove to shop shop shop!  Can’t wait to see …