Pulse Fundraiser Event

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Hello, my fellow mer-folk!  Just thought I’d give you some news that Meeka and I have joined the Pulse. Fundraiser Event in Second Life to help support the victims of the Pulse shooting.  At the event inworld there are wonderful designers with booths that intend to donate a portion if not all proceeds earned.

Sponsor Spotlight – Hextraordinary

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I always wanted that letter growing up; the invitation to Hogwarts. Haha, Harry Potter has inspired so much creativity all these years, that one could only hope to experience such a world of fantasy and grand adventures.  Luckily, we have Second Life and creators within whom express themselves on this platform to bring us amazing content!  Hextraordinary is simply extraordinary …

Interview with HEXtraordinary – Sponsor Spotlight for The Gacha Garden

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Hey guys its Meeka! The Gacha Garden is just a few weeks away and as we prepare for another amazing round its time we take a moment to recognize one of our wonderful Sponsors! One of this round’s Sponsors is the magical Corwin LaCourte owner of HEXtraordinary. If you are not yet familiar with HEXtraordinary then you are missing out …

Herbology – Wizarding Faire 2015 – Comment to win a RARE gacha! (ends 08/01)

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Hello, everyone!  Don’t tell Professor Sprout that I’ve been sneaking into the green house unsupervised.  We’ll keep it between us like true cool kids.  Eh hehh..  I mean, if it’s alright with you, I’d appreciate help in fixing my hair back to normal.  It seems that I went and turned it into a plant by accident.  Don’t tell the Professor, …