Dead Cute – Gachaween!

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G’day, fellow peeps!  I hope you’re having a great week so far.  The weekend is upon us, bringing Halloween ever so closer; I can taste the candy already!


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Hello, Peeps!  Been awhile but I’m back!  So happy to be able to do photos again; I had a bit of a photographer’s block.  Haha sorry for the excuses.  Anyway, I’m overjoyed with Essences’ Tori gacha set.  The skins have such lovely makeups and I just absolutely love the freckles they did!  I’m wearing a different catwa head than what’s …

Lounge Singer

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Sacred Ruins

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Once upon a time, there were two young elves that decided to camp near one of the sacred ruins in the outskirts of their city.  They soon discovered a blue lagoon and took a seat to dip their feet.

Sponsor Spotlight – Culprit

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Have you been to The Gacha Garden yet?  Or perhaps the rest of the awesome events that opened this month?  Well, let me introduce you to something quite interesting as I place the spotlight on one of our sponsors, Culprit!  This creator is certainly known for it’s quirky charm and the fact that they retire ALL of their gachas!

Sponsor Spotlight – Lost Junction

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Step on up to meet your neighborly mercantile, Dem, which is I!  Here we have all your needs, spreading from paper goods to fabrics, and even pitchforks so that when everyone in the village needs to rally up against the newest threat, then y’all will be super ready!  Now Sneezy, the Gnome, might not think we need notebooks with cute …

Sponsor Spotlight – Doe

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It feels like a party as flowers bud and burst out into smaller flowers; most would call it pollen, but I’m looking at the bright side of Spring I dare say!  Doe recently did a set for The Gacha Guardians, called Junko.  It comes in a pony and pig-tail fashion.  I won the pig-tails in essentials, thank goodness!  I feel …