Espíritus corren por aquí…

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Well it’s gone past the time I would have said morning, as I’ve been trying to get this posted since hours ago.  I just had several distractions and a headache to boot, but without delay I’ll get right into it.  This post is a mixture of several sets from different creators participating in events all over the grid and where I am able will share the gacha keys to help you know what belongs to what set.


I am using the rare house by Ionic in its Espirita gacha set at The Chapter Four, along with all the commons in the set. The gacha key can be seen here and photos of the rare here. Next we have The Messy Witch gacha by 22769 at Salem. This gacha set is 17 items total, with the rare being the chair that has animations.  You can view the key to the gacha here.


22769 also has the Dysfunctional Piano set at We ❤ Role-Play, which consists of the piano without drape, the piano chair, the old rug and the wrecked chandelier. The raven on the baby carriage is by JIAN, and it’s part of their collection at Salem. I will be showing more of those in another post.


Via Bits & Pieces of SL

Mesh India is participating at The Gacha Guardians with their Halloween Skull Decor Gacha.  The pieces I’m using from this set are on the table, on piano and wreath above the bookcase, but you can view the gacha key here as well.

For those of you who don’t know what my title says… it basically means “Spirits run around here.” 

Have a great one!!

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Just Toys in His Head

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This set from 22769 is amazing. I myself am a massive Tim Burton Fan so when I got this to toy around with that is just what I did. I became a little toy of Tim’s. If you look over all the pieces to this set you see all the little parts of Tim’s mind. If you haven’t already, head on over to Gacha Guardians and pull on this machine cause you are defiantly missing out . As always thank you for viewing♥ To view my original post click here

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